Automotive electronics  
Automotive electronics

TBOX, TPMS, DC/DC, electric control, headlights, inductive rain scraping, central control video, reversing radar, car charger, etc.
Panasonic can provide high-temperature button battery, nickel-metal hydride battery, low ESR FILM CAP, and long life, anti-vibration, high temperature resistant polymer hybrid capacitance specially designed for on-board design.
AOS is a well-known company that designs, develops and provides high quality power semiconductors for customers worldwide, including semiconductor field effect transistors, IGBT and power management IC products. We develop advanced technology and products to provide customers with innovative power management solutions.
Neoway can provide high reliability 4G module for remote monitoring, audio and video entertainment to provide high-quality communication services;
MPS provides include step-down DC/DC, DC/DC boost DC/DC, lift pressure, they, motor drive, Angle displacement sensor, LED backlight driver and bias, charging management, current limiting, such as infrared drive, stable and reliable performance in line with the car approval;
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